Wednesday, June 22, 2011

How auto search Bing for reward points

If you signed up for the Bing preview (see post HERE & HERE)  then you have to do a lot of searches to get your daily points. But no more!
This method is for Firefox, but should also be available on other browsers as well.

First see how many searches you need for 1 point and how many total points you are allowed daily. Take the number of required searches and multiply it by the number of allowed daily points.
Ex: If you get 1 point for every 6 searches up to 8 points per day then your number of required searches will be 48 (6x8)

1. Download the iMacros extension for firefox HERE
2. Install and restart Firefox
3. Click on the iMacros icon on the top left corner of your browser to open iMacros
4. Go to and Sign in with your Windows Live I.D.
5. On the iMacros tool bar to the left click on the REC tab and hit Record
6. Type in any search and click the search button
7. Now on the left side on the browser will be “related searches” and click the blue links the number of times (ex:48) as you number above (purple means you have already clicked it and wont count as a search)
8. Click the stop button on the iMacros tool bar and then save as Bing
9. Now when you need to do tomorrows searches clear your cookies (or set them to delete when you exit firefox)
10. Open iMacros (see step 3) and click the play tab, select “Bing” and press play.
11. Done J

Don’t Forget to still do the Tasks.